Jimmy Wales


Theresa May and Nick Clegg at war over 'snooper's charter'

Tue 11 Dec, AT 09:40
The Mole

Home Secretary stands firm as critics line up to denounce snooping powers for police and MI5

Richard O'Dwyer

Richard O'Dwyer escapes 'film piracy' extradition to US

One-Minute Read
Wed 28 Nov, AT 13:23

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales tweets 'Hooray' after running petition on behalf of British student

PR firm sorry for altering Usmanov Wikipedia page

First Reaction
Mon 12 Nov, AT 15:22

Finsbury removed negative information about Arsenal shareholder, but PR experts say Wikipedia needs reforming

Richard O'Dwyer

Should we extradite TVShack founder Richard O'Dwyer?

One-Minute Read
Tue 26 Jun, AT 15:04

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and Labour MP Tom Watson are the latest to voice their opinions


Murdoch is no puppet master: the power is now in the web

Opinion digest
Fri 27 Apr, AT 11:53

Opinion Digest: the end of the newspaper baron, Cameron's shame, the upside of poshness and artistic collaboration

Wikipedia to shut down for a day in piracy protest

One-Minute Read
Tue 17 Jan, AT 08:44

But decision almost causes a row between Jimmy Wales and Twitter founder Dick Costolo

Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia founder raises fears over site’s future

Fri 5 Aug, AT 15:47

The number of volunteers contributing to the online encyclopaedia is falling warns Jimmy Wales

Knowledge by consensus

Wed 1 Apr, AT 15:17

Wikipedia's guiding principle is agreement rather than truth, says Oliver Kamm