JK Rowling

Casual Vacancy

The Casual Vacancy - BBC series changes Rowling book

Thu 12 Feb, AT 08:25

J.K. Rowling TV mini-series features rape, drug abuse and racism, but it's not as grim as the book

Harry Potter gets a new look in illustrated edition

One-Minute Read
Wed 14 Jan, AT 08:58

Jim Kay has re-imagined Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid and Malfoy for the first illustrated Harry Potter

JK Rowling

Harry Potter comeback rumour sparked by JK Rowling tweet

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Wed 8 Oct, AT 13:05

Author tweets anagram about her next project sending fans into a frenzy – but what did it say?

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling

JK Rowling joins stars divided over Scottish independence

Wed 11 Jun, AT 14:43

Harry Potter author supports No vote, donating £1m to Alistair Darling's Better Together campaign

JK Rowling wins big charity donation after pen-name leak

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Wed 31 Jul, AT 14:05

Author who published detective novel as Robert Galbraith was 'dismayed and distressed'

JK Rowling 'angry' as her law firm admits pseudonym leak

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Fri 19 Jul, AT 13:32

Partner at law firm representing Harry Potter author revealed her secret to his wife's friend

JK Rowling's secret crime debut: the plot thickens

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Mon 15 Jul, AT 10:04

London publisher admits turning down 'debut' novel that turns out to be by Harry Potter author

JK Rowling's 'Casual Vacancy' to become a BBC drama series

First Post
Tue 4 Dec, AT 12:11

'Harry Potter' author's first adult book failed to impress critics, but that hasn't stopped the Beeb

New erotic novel set to follow Fifty Shades' sales success

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Thu 1 Nov, AT 11:06

First week sales for 'Reflected in You' topped only by JK Rowling and Dan Brown in the UK

JK Rowling upsets Sikhs with 'hairy man-woman' depiction

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Tue 2 Oct, AT 09:29

Description of a 'mustachioed, yet large-mammaried' Sikh girl in The Casual Vacancy causes offence