Joe Biden

Marcelo Vieira and David Luiz of Brazil
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19 Jun, 2014

The weird, wonderful, funny and downright bizarre episodes from Brazil's joyful World Cup

Mario Balotelli
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17 Jun, 2014

World Cup whispers: Why always me? asks Italian striker, as World Cup finally gets a stalemate

25 Feb, 2014

It’s oil. Self-sufficient in energy because of shale oil, the US no longer needs to fret about the sheiks

29 Apr, 2013

President plays actor playing himself in sketch for White House Correspondents' Association

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15 Jan, 2013

Pro-gun lobbyists called ‘hypocritical’ after blaming video games for Sandy Hook school massacre

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02 Jan, 2013

House of Representatives vote through bill that raises taxes for only the richest Americans

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31 Dec, 2012

Pentagon ready to send lay-off notices to 800,000 workers if politicians cannot reach a compromise

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19 Dec, 2012

Even the pro-guns National Rifle Association agrees to enter discussions after Sandy Hook tragedy