Joe Biden

Hosni Mubarak and Joe Biden
29 Jan, 2011

Nigel Horne: WikiLeaked cables tell of endemic torture - but help explain US support for the regime

Joseph Biden
20 Dec, 2010

VP announces that US is preparing charges against WikiLeaks editor

Obama and Biden sign the healthcare bill
24 Mar, 2010

Microphone picks up Joe Biden’s whispered comment to the president

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
19 Mar, 2010

Alexander Cockburn: Fear of the Israel lobby means Obama and Clinton’s hands are tied

Barack Obama
30 Jul, 2009

The new President has squandered his one chance to bring real change to foreign policy making the US’s strategy just as hawkish as it was under Bush

Joe Biden and Barack Obama
10 Jul, 2009

Alexander Cockburn on why Barack Obama’s gaffe-prone vice-president just can’t keep his mouth closed

03 Apr, 2009

The President is committing the US to intervention in Afghanistan that recalls JFK’s attempts to expel communism from Vietnam

04 Dec, 2008

Picks for his White House team have disappointed activists who invested so many hopes in the president-elect