Joe Biden

Hosni Mubarak and Joe Biden

Mubarak ‘no dictator’ says Joe Biden, ignoring facts

Sat 29 Jan, AT 14:31

Nigel Horne: WikiLeaked cables tell of endemic torture - but help explain US support for the regime

Joseph Biden

Joe Biden: ‘We’ll prosecute terrorist Assange’

Mon 20 Dec, AT 13:41

VP announces that US is preparing charges against WikiLeaks editor

Obama and Biden sign the healthcare bill

Obamacare signing marred by Biden’s ‘fuck’ gaffe

Wed 24 Mar, AT 08:44

Microphone picks up Joe Biden’s whispered comment to the president

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

US v Israel: never fear, it’s business as usual

Fri 19 Mar, AT 07:41
Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn: Fear of the Israel lobby means Obama and Clinton’s hands are tied

Barack Obama

Obama faces mutiny, led by Clinton and Biden

Thu 30 Jul, AT 15:09
Alexander Cockburn

The new President has squandered his one chance to bring real change to foreign policy making the US’s strategy just as hawkish as it was under Bush