Joe Biden

Joe Biden and Barack Obama

What will Joe Biden say next?

Fri 10 Jul, AT 18:24
Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn on why Barack Obama’s gaffe-prone vice-president just can’t keep his mouth closed

Afghanistan will prove to be Obama’s Vietnam

Fri 3 Apr, AT 17:05
Alexander Cockburn

The President is committing the US to intervention in Afghanistan that recalls JFK’s attempts to expel communism from Vietnam

Barack Obama loses his base with rightward drift

Thu 4 Dec, AT 08:57
Alexander Cockburn

Picks for his White House team have disappointed activists who invested so many hopes in the president-elect

Would President McCain survive a full-term?

Thu 23 Oct, AT 01:00
Alexander Cockburn

His chances of surviving four years in office are not as strong as his aides would have us believe

Where is Ralph Nader when we need him?

Thu 16 Oct, AT 01:00
Alexander Cockburn

Another weak debate advertises the absence of an effective third force in American politics

Sarah Palin could be the new Ronald Reagan

Fri 3 Oct, AT 01:00
Alexander Cockburn

John McCain looks doomed. But on last night’s evidence, Sarah Palin has a political future