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John Bercow

Sally Bercow defiant after bedsheet photoshoot

Fri 4 Feb, AT 13:10

Racy interview and photo have Tories sharpening their knives for the Commons Speaker and his wife

Tory peer apologises over  poor 'breeding' gaffe

Tory peer apologises over poor ‘breeding’ sneer

Thu 25 Nov, AT 15:52

PM distances himself from Howard Flight’s child support comment, but mocks ‘dwarf’ Bercow

Sorry, says Reckless, the new MP too pissed to vote

Mon 12 Jul, AT 06:47
The Mole

The Mole: Will Bercow’s TV cameras catch drunks as well as louts?

John Bercow

Tory MP: Bercow is ‘stupid sanctimonious dwarf’

Wed 30 Jun, AT 11:37

Spat over health minister’s dwarf insult is latest challenge to Speaker's authority

Why MPs are fuming at Legg’s cash demand

Tue 13 Oct, AT 14:31

The Mole: I hate to say it, but MPs do have a point about retrospective caps

John Bercow

John Bercow orders £20,000 refurb of Speaker’s flat

Wed 5 Aug, AT 14:53

The Mole: Some of the costs are forgivable, given his young family. But the £6,500-plus sofa is a Speaker’s seat too far, says our Westminster insider