John Bercow

John Bercow
30 Jun, 2010

Spat over health minister’s dwarf insult is latest challenge to Speaker's authority

13 Oct, 2009

The Mole: I hate to say it, but MPs do have a point about retrospective caps

John Bercow
05 Aug, 2009

The Mole: Some of the costs are forgivable, given his young family. But the £6,500-plus sofa is a Speaker’s seat too far, says our Westminster insider

John Bercow
03 Jul, 2009

The Mole: The new Speaker has already fallen foul of his own ‘Commons first, media later’ edict, says our Westminster insider

John Bercow
24 Jun, 2009

The Mole: The naming of a new cyber security chief exposes the Speaker’s dilemma, says our Westminster insider

John Bercow
23 Jun, 2009

Most of it is not polite as Tories put the 46-year-old on probation until the next election

22 Jun, 2009

The Mole: But with some Conservatives saying he’s too left wing, he could be out after the next general election, says our Westminster insider

22 Jun, 2009

The Mole: Today’s election of a new Speaker will not restore public confidence, says our Westminster insider

Margaret Beckett; Ann Widdecombe; Speaker
11 Jun, 2009

Does the Tory MP realise race to become Speaker is not a panel game?

21 May, 2009

The Mole: And even Labour’s Martin Salter is saying that he might back the Tory MP’s audacious run for the post, says our Westminster insider