John Bercow

Speaker Bercow breaks the rules

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 09:11

The Mole: The new Speaker has already fallen foul of his own ‘Commons first, media later’ edict, says our Westminster insider

John Bercow

Speaker Bercow falls at first hurdle

News Wed 24 Jun, AT 17:13

The Mole: The naming of a new cyber security chief exposes the Speaker’s dilemma, says our Westminster insider

John Bercow

What they saying about Speaker Bercow

News Tue 23 Jun, AT 09:30

Most of it is not polite as Tories put the 46-year-old on probation until the next election

Labour get their Speaker: Tory Bercow

News Mon 22 Jun, AT 22:43

The Mole: But with some Conservatives saying he’s too left wing, he could be out after the next general election, says our Westminster insider

Speaker vote: another sorry mess

News Mon 22 Jun, AT 09:54

The Mole: Today’s election of a new Speaker will not restore public confidence, says our Westminster insider