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Inside Llewyn Davis – reviews of Coen brothers' ode to folk

Hot Ticket
Thu 23 Jan, AT 07:34

Coen brothers' bittersweet ode to the 1960s folk scene is sad, funny and utterly enthralling

Coen brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis has critics in rapture

First Reaction
Mon 20 May, AT 12:53

Sibling directors' new film about 60s folk scene is Palme d'Or favourite after rush of five-star reviews

Denzel Washington pilots gripping star vehicle Flight

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Fri 1 Feb, AT 08:09

Washington's Oscar-nominated performance as an alcoholic pilot 'will be talked about for years'

Ben Affleck's hostage thriller Argo is gripping and funny

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Fri 9 Nov, AT 07:37

Actor-director's shamelessly embellished real-life caper is 'one of the best movies of the year'