John Lewis

John Lewis accused of bullying suppliers into cutting their bills

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Tue 12 Mar, AT 10:44

Retailer tells companies to trim their invoices if they increase sales through its outlets

John Lewis staff get 17 per cent bonus for 2013

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Fri 8 Mar, AT 08:19

Employees to receive payouts worth nine weeks' pay despite looming cutbacks

John Lewis; retail; British high street; shopping

John Lewis Partnership staff to share £200m bonus pot

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Mon 4 Mar, AT 10:18

Employees to receive payouts worth eight weeks' pay despite looming cutbacks

John Lewis cuts 325 department managers in shock redundancies

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Thu 14 Feb, AT 09:56

Post-Christmas retail gloom deepens as firm seen as model of ‘responsible capitalism’ wields axe

Vince Cable

Cable: Inland Revenue needs to take a close look at Starbucks

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Mon 19 Nov, AT 10:02

‘Best off in society have to contribute more – and that includes companies,’ says Business Secretary


Harriet Harman leads boycott over Starbucks tax avoidance

Fri 16 Nov, AT 08:45
The Mole

Can people power force multinationals to start paying reasonable taxes? And who will a boycott really hurt?

John Lewis: solve Amazon tax 'problem' or we'll go bust

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Thu 15 Nov, AT 10:54

John Lewis boss says his company will be out-traded by multinationals like Amazon because they pay less tax

John Lewis launch Christmas ad but Waitrose takes the mickey

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Fri 9 Nov, AT 14:13

John Lewis kicks off festive season with slick snowmen as Waitrose donates its ad budget to charity

Britons would rather bank with John Lewis than HSBC or Lloyds

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Wed 29 Aug, AT 12:01

Mistrust in disgraced banking giants is revealed by new survey