John Major

Columnist Don Brind

‘Shy Tories’, missed by polls, give David Cameron hope

Tue 20 Jan, AT 09:28
Don Brind

Former advisor to John Major believes we could see another surprise Tory victory - just like 1992

Former British Prime Minister John Major

John Major praises 'guts and drive' of immigrants in the UK

One-Minute Read
Tue 12 Aug, AT 14:16

Former PM's tone on immigration contrasts with that of Cameron, who has launched crackdown on 'benefit tourism'


Another U-turn: Cameron 'more like John Major every day'

Thu 28 Nov, AT 09:59
The Mole

Yes, but some say Ed Miliband is looking more like Neil Kinnock every day - and who won?

David Cameron

Cameron: We must do more to help social mobility

One-Minute Read
Thu 14 Nov, AT 10:07

Prime Minister agrees with 'thrust' of John Major's complaints about privileged British society

'Toffs are still running Britain': what’s John Major up to?

Mon 11 Nov, AT 10:01
The Mole

Former PM speaks again – this time to stand up for the working-class Tories Cameron risks losing

David Cameron during PMQ's

Cameron in a corner as he says no to Major’s windfall energy tax

Wed 23 Oct, AT 13:25
The Mole

PM’s only answer is to abandon green policies: Clegg bites his lip and Zac Goldsmith calls him a muppet

John Major: emergency tax needed to solve energy 'crisis'

One-Minute Read
Wed 23 Oct, AT 08:58

Is former PM's suggestion a blow to Cameron or the perfect chance for the Tories to shift position?

Mark Carney makes first appointment as BoE governor

One-Minute Read
Wed 19 Jun, AT 12:45

The incoming governor lures City high-flier Charlotte Hogg to become his 'eyes and ears'

Shades of John Major as PM seeks to escape eurosceptics

Fri 10 May, AT 11:11
The Mole

Today Russia, next the States – but there's no hiding place when the Tory eurosceptics have their tails up