John Major

Columnist Don Brind
20 Jan, 2015

Former advisor to John Major believes we could see another surprise Tory victory - just like 1992

Former British Prime Minister John Major
12 Aug, 2014

Former PM's tone on immigration contrasts with that of Cameron, who has launched crackdown on 'benefit tourism'

28 Nov, 2013

Yes, but some say Ed Miliband is looking more like Neil Kinnock every day - and who won?

David Cameron
14 Nov, 2013

Prime Minister agrees with 'thrust' of John Major's complaints about privileged British society

11 Nov, 2013

Former PM speaks again – this time to stand up for the working-class Tories Cameron risks losing

David Cameron during PMQ's
23 Oct, 2013

PM’s only answer is to abandon green policies: Clegg bites his lip and Zac Goldsmith calls him a muppet

23 Oct, 2013

Is former PM's suggestion a blow to Cameron or the perfect chance for the Tories to shift position?

19 Jun, 2013

The incoming governor lures City high-flier Charlotte Hogg to become his 'eyes and ears'

10 May, 2013

Today Russia, next the States – but there's no hiding place when the Tory eurosceptics have their tails up