John Major

27 Feb, 2013

Why did Ed Miliband allow Labour, which is backed by many patriots, to pick O'Farrell for Eastleigh?

23 Jan, 2013

'A British Prime Minister is at least discussing leaving Europe – it means the genie is out of the bottle'

Gay marriage
11 Dec, 2012

Claim that most people favour same-sex marriage is ‘dishonest’ because it ignores petitions, say critics

02 Nov, 2012

London mayor rules out 'mixed mode' strategy for Heathrow and slams 'utter inertia' of Tory policy

04 Sep, 2012

Tory MPs delighted by new role for a winning Tory Chancellor from the 1990s. But what will George say?

17 Aug, 2012

Opinion Digest: the higher education con, the right to die and why Assange must face justice in Sweden

06 Aug, 2012

Should Boris have rolled out the red carpet for a man who can get the country's mood so wrong?

25 Jun, 2012

But he admits contacting Cabinet Secretary to ask whether Gove's speech reflected government thinking

25 Jun, 2012

Revelation of 'Let Down by Dave' bloc sees David Cameron abandoning compassionate Conservatism