John McCain

Obama's new team: three top US jobs could go to women

One-Minute Read
Thu 29 Nov, AT 12:27

Susan Rice heads the list of three strong female candidates for top jobs in President's second term

Romney poll surge: grim for Obama, or par for the course?

Talking Point
Tue 9 Oct, AT 11:07

Two weeks after he risked alienating half of US with his '47 per cent' remark, Romney is back in the race

Paul Ryan: 'almost perfect' for one per centers, Murdoch included

Wed 15 Aug, AT 07:55
Charles Laurence

Romney's running mate is more Dick Cheney than Sarah Palin, but the result will probably be the same

Barack Obama in Afghanistan

Barack Obama, in Afghanistan, says US will 'finish the job'

One-Minute Read
Wed 2 May, AT 10:55

Speech on anniversary of Bin Laden death is followed hours later by suicide bombing

Alexander Cockburn

Romney beats off all challengers - at a terrible cost to his beliefs

Wed 4 Apr, AT 08:39
Alexander Cockburn

One-time liberal now sports all his fellow Republicans' most unalluring features. The Obama camp is not unhappy

Asma al-Assad and Bashar al-Assad

Assads shopped for luxuries and music while 8,000 Syrians died

Thu 15 Mar, AT 07:56

Emails unearthed by The Guardian also suggest Assad took advice from Iran and laughed at Arab League

John McCain

McCain calls for air strikes as Syrian atrocities mount

Tue 6 Mar, AT 13:48

Senator John McCain says US has moral duty to oust Assad as tales of torture leak out of Homs

Sarah Palin Queen gaffe

Sarah Palin thought Queen was in charge of military strategy

One-Minute Read
Tue 21 Feb, AT 12:22

Research for new HBO film reveals embarrassing gap in former Alaskan governor's knowledge

Sarah Palin in Kuwait with a gun simulator

Just how ‘unconventional’ is Sarah Palin?

Tue 8 Mar, AT 15:46

Will-she-won’t-she presidential candidate fears she is too kooky for the US electorate. Hardly