John Prescott

Columnist Robert Chesshyre
07 Oct, 2014

Sadly, unless the men in white coats (or M&S suits) come for Miliband, it is too late to change leaders

17 Feb, 2014

Lib Dem leader has gone off ‘ideological’ Tories and now fancies ‘more realistic’ Labour

19 Aug, 2013

Shadow cabinet man defends Ed's record while Tories prepare for power-sharing with Lib Dems again

14 Aug, 2013

John Prescott starts a twitter deluge of ideas for spending Joan Edwards's gift to the government

08 Jul, 2013

SNP leader unfurls Saltire in royal box – but Murray called himself a British winner not a Scottish one

15 Feb, 2013

John Prescott urges tabloid readers to complain about treatment of Pistorius murder story

20 Sep, 2012

Nick Clegg’s original YouTube tuition fees apology was a disaster - but the spoof is making waves

29 Jul, 2012

From the Sunday Papers: from Prescott’s Twitter gaffe to David Beckham and the angry cyclist

02 Jul, 2012

Opinion Digest: Cameron's referendum pledge, Spain's magnificence, Chloe Smith's debacle

27 Jun, 2012

Why did the Chancellor sacrifice a hapless junior last night? Because he's seen Armageddon in the Treasury forecasts