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Johnny Depp

Star Wars

Ten films to look forward to in 2015

Tue 13 Jan, AT 10:12

From long-awaited blockbusters to Tarantino and Pixar originals, the films that will cause a stir in 2015

What's eating Johnny Depp? Actor talks of quitting movies

First Post
Mon 29 Jul, AT 16:51

Star renews retirement rumours after calling film acting 'an insane option for a human being'

The Lone Ranger is a huge flop - but Disney will shrug it off

Thu 11 Jul, AT 14:19
Richard Jinman

Hi-Yo silver lining! Studio set to lose $190m on new movie, but its share price rises. What's going on?

The Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp's Tonto serve up a turkey

First Reaction
Tue 2 Jul, AT 15:27

Disney have another flop on their hands as $225m Western is slaughtered by the critics


Cameron treats the press pack mean on Mexico summit trip

Wed 20 Jun, AT 15:45
The Mole

Reports of blackmail and leaky buses filter back from the frontline of geopolitics

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis break up after 14 years

One-Minute Read
Wed 20 Jun, AT 12:48

Hollywood couple announce split after months of rumours that they were living separate lives

Dark Shadows

Tim Burton's Dark Shadows is oddball as ever and tons of fun

Hot Ticket
Fri 11 May, AT 08:13

Johnny Depp's 200-year-old vampire Barnabas adds another worthy misfit to his gallery