Johnny Marr

28 Feb, 2013

Veteran rockers and fresh talent share limelight but 1D and Harry Styles are given thumbs down

Johnny Marr 190213
19 Feb, 2013

It's taken 26 years, but guitarist's solo disc is full of 'sparkling notes and tumbling chords'

17 Jan, 2013

Yorke isn't the first musician to square up to a politician over a tune - here's five more spats

11 Jan, 2013

Marr dismisses talk of a Smiths reunion and is still annoyed about having David Cameron as a fan

Johnny Marr
02 Dec, 2010

Smiths’ guitarist inspires campaign to get David Cameron’s favourite bands to disown him

Johnny Marr
19 Feb, 2010

A fan stole Gibson guitar from Smiths man - he should have entered our competition instead