Jon Stewart

Trevor Noah: 'racist' jokes prompt Twitter backlash

One-Minute Read
Wed 1 Apr, AT 12:23

Daily Show's Trevor Noah attacked for racist and sexist jokes. Should he tone things down or ride out the Twitter storm?

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart quotes - departing Daily Show host's best lines

Wed 11 Feb, AT 12:34

A look back at the wit and wisdom of Daily Show presenter Jon Stewart as he announces retirement

John Oliver, Daily Show's Brummie host, hits his stride

First Reaction
Tue 11 Jun, AT 11:42

Jon Stewart's 'summer fill-in' provides hard, juicy satire during his debut as host of iconic US show

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant 'worst guest ever' says US host Jon Stewart

One-Minute Read
Fri 14 Dec, AT 09:50

British actor 'was rude to programme staff and will never be allowed back on The Daily Show'

Video of Jon Stewart poking fun at Diamond Jubilee coverage goes viral

Tue 5 Jun, AT 19:40

US comedian finds something to laugh at as Piers Morgan gets excited over a boat turning

Russell Brand at Secret Policeman's Ball

Brand steals show in first US Secret Policeman's Ball

Hot Ticket
Fri 9 Mar, AT 08:12

The American comics are slick, while the Brits are on hilariously filthy form

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart rally brings 200,000 to the Mall

Mon 1 Nov, AT 07:18
Charles Laurence

Washington witnesses its weirdest day yet in the midterm election season

Stewart’s humiliation of Cramer marks end of era

Mon 23 Mar, AT 00:00
Charles Laurence

Accusations that he was a Wall St ‘shill’ mean that Jim Cramer, the embodiment of the ‘greed is good’ era, is finished