Julian Fellowes

02 May, 2013

Hit ITV period drama criticised for lack of diversity is no longer 'the whitest show on earth'

29 Nov, 2012

Christina Hendricks could star in new series called 'The Gilded Age' set in turn-of-century New York

05 Nov, 2012

Screenwriter Julian Fellowes says it would be 'rather nice to open it up ethnically a bit'

28 Sep, 2012

Writer 'taunts' US audience with plans for spin-off revealing how Lord and Lady Grantham first met

17 Sep, 2012

Spoiler alert: new series starts with a pre-wedding row, while future of Downton hangs in the balance

21 Aug, 2012

Julian Fellowes's comments 'baffling' as new Downton series will star two American actresses

25 Jul, 2012

Hollywood legend has difficulty with British TV's more demanding shooting schedule

Upstairs Downstairs
23 Apr, 2012

Poor viewing figures to blame as Downton Abbey wins battle of maids-and-ladies TV

Titanic - Julian Fellowes
02 Apr, 2012

Titanoraks complain of dances that never happened and a solitary stoker keeping the engines turning

Titanic - Julian Fellowes
26 Mar, 2012

'Drownton Abbey' feels familiar but it isn't Sunday night comfort-viewing, say critics