Julian Fellowes

Downton Abbey casts Gary Carr as first black character

First Reaction
Thu 2 May, AT 15:56

Hit ITV period drama criticised for lack of diversity is no longer 'the whitest show on earth'

Julian Fellowes to write an American Downton Abbey

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Thu 29 Nov, AT 12:12

Christina Hendricks could star in new series called 'The Gilded Age' set in turn-of-century New York

Downton Abbey Series Four could include Indian character

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Mon 5 Nov, AT 11:47

Screenwriter Julian Fellowes says it would be 'rather nice to open it up ethnically a bit'

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes plans a prequel

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Fri 28 Sep, AT 15:58

Writer 'taunts' US audience with plans for spin-off revealing how Lord and Lady Grantham first met

Downton Abbey is 'back to its best' with series three

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Mon 17 Sep, AT 10:50

Spoiler alert: new series starts with a pre-wedding row, while future of Downton hangs in the balance

Americans 'can't do period drama' says Downton creator

Talking Point
Tue 21 Aug, AT 13:24

Julian Fellowes's comments 'baffling' as new Downton series will star two American actresses

Shirley MacLaine 'struggles to adjust' to Downton Abbey

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Wed 25 Jul, AT 12:35

Hollywood legend has difficulty with British TV's more demanding shooting schedule

Upstairs Downstairs

Upstairs Downstairs cancelled by BBC after two seasons

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Mon 23 Apr, AT 10:59

Poor viewing figures to blame as Downton Abbey wins battle of maids-and-ladies TV

Titanic - Julian Fellowes

Historians put holes in ITV's Titanic for period inaccuracies

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Mon 2 Apr, AT 11:43

Titanoraks complain of dances that never happened and a solitary stoker keeping the engines turning

Titanic - Julian Fellowes

Julian Fellowes's Titanic sinks too early and too often

Mon 26 Mar, AT 13:08

'Drownton Abbey' feels familiar but it isn't Sunday night comfort-viewing, say critics