Justin Bieber

Celebrity offenders

Vanilla Ice arrested: ten other celebrity suspects

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Thu 19 Feb, AT 12:04

Rapper Vanilla Ice isn't the only celebrity to have fallen foul of the law. See our gallery of celebrity mug shots

Bill Gates

Ice bucket challenge: why are celebrities getting soaked?

Mon 18 Aug, AT 12:39

Internet is awash with videos of Justin Bieber and and Bill Gates drenching themselves with ice water

Actor Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin storms off: 5 other cringeworthy walkouts

Deja Vu
Tue 27 May, AT 15:46

From sensitive singers to outraged actors, Home Alone star is not the only one who has had enough

Justin Bieber charged with assault on limo driver

Talking Point
Thu 30 Jan, AT 13:50

Singer's second arrest in a week has people asking if his pursuit of bad boy image is out of control

Bieber mug shot inspires the internet - best of the virals

First Reaction
Fri 24 Jan, AT 10:09

The singer's arrest and cheerful police mug shot prompt a spurt of online creativity among his fans and foes

Justin Bieber held in Miami for DUI and resisting arrest

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Thu 23 Jan, AT 14:50

Troubled teen admits drinking beer and smoking marijuana before being stopped at 4am

Is 'bad boy' Bieber being egged on by live-in friend Lil Za?

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Wed 15 Jan, AT 11:37

Pop star's home searched by cops after barrage of eggs causes 'serious damage' to neighbour's property

Justin Bieber: Five reasons he's not really retiring

Wed 18 Dec, AT 13:01
Richard Jinman

Singer stuns fans by announcing he'll quit after next album, but should we take him seriously?