Justin King

Justin King

Sainsbury's CEO Justin King 'wise' to quit says BBC's Peston

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Wed 29 Jan, AT 12:06

King will stand down at AGM in July after a decade at the top, but has yet to reveal his next move

Sainsbury's boss Justin King calls for online sales tax

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Thu 13 Jun, AT 11:15

Chief executive wants to 'level the playing field' between high street and internet retailers

Sainsbury's boss Justin King given 23% pay rise

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Thu 6 Jun, AT 12:29

Boost takes supermarket chief executive's salary up to £4.27m - and he could earn even more this year

Sainsbury's boss King delivers the goods despite profit dip

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Wed 8 May, AT 10:36

Supermarket's sales rise amid 'challenging' conditions as analysts praise CEO for 'keeping things simple'

Sainsbury's boss: just boycott tax-avoiders like Amazon

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Fri 23 Nov, AT 15:12

Justin King says customers have more power than government to force multinationals to pay taxes

Sainsbury's chief opposes longer Sunday opening hours

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Mon 20 Aug, AT 12:16

Plans to extend Olympic opening hours are 'not a magic answer' for UK economy

sainsbury's sales

Sainsbury’s grows - but not as fast as expected

Wed 23 Mar, AT 11:13

Business digest: Restrained customer spending weighs down sales at supermarket chain