Angelina Jolie

People of the year 2014: from Angelina Jolie to Vladimir Putin

Summary Sun 28 Dec, AT 08:25

It was the year that Russell Brand wrote a political manifesto and Ed Miliband had a disastrous encounter with a bacon sandwich

First female Bishop in the UK Libby Lane

Church of England names Rev Libby Lane first women bishop

One-Minute Read Wed 17 Dec, AT 10:41

Historic move marks the end of centuries of male leadership in the Church, but opinion remains divided

Archbishop of Canterbury questions God's existence

One-Minute Read Thu 18 Sep, AT 14:46

Justin Welby admits he sometimes doubts the existence of God, but he is certain about Jesus

Archbishop of Canterbury: blessing gay marriage would split Church

One-Minute Read Sat 19 Apr, AT 10:58

Justin Welby suggests accepting gay marriage would mean the Church would be unable to help other victims of oppression

gay marriage

Same-sex couples to marry at the stroke of midnight

Talking Point Fri 28 Mar, AT 14:42

A 'significant milestone' in the fight for equality, but opinion remains divided

Wonga's profits soar - as do bad debts in the UK

One-Minute Read Wed 4 Sep, AT 11:58

Errol Damelin says Wonga is 'not pushing people over the edge', despite increase in loan defaults

Archbishop's new sympathy for gay people 'a bit rich'

First Reaction Thu 29 Aug, AT 15:05

Justin Welby tells Christians to 'repent' over the way gay and lesbian people have been treated

Fracking fears as CoE claims mineral rights under its land

Talking Point Fri 16 Aug, AT 09:50

Church seeks rights just days after clergy condemn fracking as risk to 'God's creation'

In The Week magazine: time to play a percentage game

Brief Fri 2 Aug, AT 11:03

Is 0.6% growth good enough for George Osborne? Is 5,853% a fair APR in the payday loans business?

Lord Howell apologises for 'desolate' north-east crack

One-Minute Read Wed 31 Jul, AT 10:04

Former minister and George Osborne's father-in-law advocated drilling in region for shale gas