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Kanye West

Katy Perry

Katy Perry snags nine MTV video nominations

Thu 21 Jul, AT 15:39

Provocative singer leads the nominee list, but can award recognition change the pin-up’s image?

kanye west lily allen argument

Lily Allen takes Kanye West to task over abortion

Fri 25 Feb, AT 10:37

Rapper warns his followers to beware ‘gold diggin' bitches’, but leaves Allen livid

George W Bush and Kanye West

Bush: Kanye West insult was ‘the all-time low’

Wed 3 Nov, AT 14:18

Former President still angry at rapper for saying he didn’t care about black people

Kanye West makes avant garde directorial debut

Tue 26 Oct, AT 17:18

Rapper Kanye West has released a free 35-minute video tribute to art, music and birds

Kanye West diamond teeth

Kanye West replaces teeth with diamonds in ‘gap year’

Wed 20 Oct, AT 20:16

After 13 months away the well-travelled rapper returns to the public eye