Karima El Mahroug

25 Jun, 2013

Some called it a disgrace, others celebrated. The ex-PM may dodge jail but his legal woes are deepening

13 Dec, 2012

Ex-prime minister has an 'enterprising' girlfriend with whom to make his political comeback

Elisabetta Canalis George Clooney
30 Mar, 2011

Actor and footballer among celebs who could be called to testify on Berlusconi’s behalf

Karima el-Mahrough, Ruby the Heart Stealer
16 Mar, 2011

Three of Silvio Berlusconi’s circle worked to find and pay girls for sex with PM, say Milan prosecutors

Karima el-Mahrough, Ruby the Heart Stealer
04 Mar, 2011

‘I can’t waltz I can only belly dance,’ says Ruby - but she still goes to the ball

Silvio Berlusconi
15 Feb, 2011

Italian women who rallied on Sunday have only two months to wait to see the PM on the stand

Ruby Rubacuore
02 Feb, 2011

Woman accused of selling sex to Italian PM chooses younger man to marry - a 41-year-old disco manager