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Kate Middleton

royal wedding couple

William and Kate: not everyone’s rejoicing

Fri 8 Apr, AT 16:54
Venetia Rainey

Applications for street party permits still way behind expectations

royal wedding mug

Kate paired with Harry in royal wedding mug mishap

Wed 16 Mar, AT 15:25

Royal wedding mug-maker mixes up royal mugshots – by accident or design?

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Tabloids bully Middletons for selling royal party tat

Tue 15 Mar, AT 14:12
Venetia Rainey

Kate Middleton’s parents slammed for daring to sell royal-themed scratchcards through party website

Vivienne Westwood

Westwood: Middleton’s style needs to ‘catch up’

Mon 21 Feb, AT 10:29

First Emma Watson, now Kate Middleton - Dame Vivienne puts ‘style icons’ in their place