Kate Middleton

Royal wedding
05 Jan, 2011

Archbishop of Canterbury will officiate, Queen will host the reception

Prince William and Kate Middleton
29 Nov, 2010

Desperate wedding stories continued: The opera singer and the ‘lookalike’ pharmacy assistant

Prince William and Kate Middleton
28 Nov, 2010

Prince William has quashed rumours that Charles will never become king

Kate Middleton see-through dress
24 Nov, 2010

Desperate wedding story of the day: How the future queen’s unforgettable dress got valued

Anne Hathaway as Kate Middleton SNL
22 Nov, 2010

‘You think you can just show up here and do a bit of queening?’ asks Her Majesty in Saturday Night Live spoof

Prince William and Kate Middleton
21 Nov, 2010

Pete Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden, causes storm with republican comments

Prince William Kate Middleton china plates memorabilia
19 Nov, 2010

Why the best way to profit from William and Kate’s wedding is to get hold of a slice of cake...

prince charles
18 Nov, 2010

Perhaps with a little help from his mother... But taxpayers could face a £20m security bill

Prince William and Kate Middleton
17 Nov, 2010

Couple will be ‘mindful of the economic situation’ - but will either father chip in?

Prince William and Kate Middleton
16 Nov, 2010

It will be in London next year, says a statement from Clarence House