Katy Perry

Rooney-and-Balotelli prostitute slept with Harry Potter dwarf

The Tabloids
Wed 11 Apr, AT 12:51

Red top tales: Jennifer Thompson adds 4ft 5in actor to her list of conquests, Walsh calls truce with Cole

Twitter school

Lady Gaga hits 20m Twitter followers: how does she do it?

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Tue 6 Mar, AT 14:04

A few simple tips, and one very hard one, to help emulate the most popular person on Twitter

Are Dan Stevens and Maggie Smith leaving Downton Abbey?

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Tue 6 Mar, AT 11:47

Red top tales: from panic at Downton to Harry's crush on Katy

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Perry and Brand: Hollywood's most amicable divorce ever?

One-Minute Read
Thu 9 Feb, AT 13:39

Russell Brand declines Katy Perry's millions as she signs divorce papers with a heart and smiley face

Katy Perry 'still in love' as she has final tryst with Russell

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Sun 15 Jan, AT 14:49

It must be true – it's in the Sunday papers: from Katy Perry's love for her ex to India's human safari shame

Lady Gaga

Enough raunch! Joan Bakewell joins the anti-Gaga lobby

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Thu 5 Jan, AT 13:17

Comments come as David Cameron prepares to confront music bosses over raunchy music videos

‘Cockney’ Katy Perry makes an arse of herself as Pippa

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Mon 12 Dec, AT 13:01

Singer hosts Saturday Night Live, but her East End accent is even worse than husband Russell Brand's