Katy Perry

Russell Brand on safari in India
One-Minute Read
24 Oct, 2010

Sadly, Katy Perry’s maid-of-honour - Rihanna - was unable to attend

24 Sep, 2010

Video: Elmo rejects the saucy pop singer's advances after a brief chase

Russell Brand Katy Perry
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20 Sep, 2010

Russell Brand’s US plans in jeopardy after being charged over punch-up with photographer

Lady Gaga
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04 Aug, 2010

Videos for both Telephone and Bad Romance among record- breaking 13 nominations

Russell Brand Katy Perry
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16 Apr, 2010

It’s the only way to ‘weed out’ the teenyboppers destroying music, says comedian

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30 Nov, 2009

How did a basque and fishnets become the uniform of girlie pop? It all started in 1989...

Katy Perry; Beyonce; MTV European Music Awards
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06 Nov, 2009

Kate Perry and Beyonce turn up the heat, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall