Keith Vaz

Anonymous man
One-Minute Read
20 Mar, 2015

Police investigation of pop star Cliff Richard shows how leaks can irreparably damage those who may be innocent

Arnis Zalkalns
News Hub
27 Jan, 2015

Evidence linking Arnis Zalkalns to the death of 14-year-old Alice Gross revealed by Scotland Yard

UK passport
Advertisement Feature
16 Sep, 2014

Inquiry slams passport office for 'summer of chaos' and for making profits on passport applications

Newlyweds pose for a picture after their wedding ceremony
One-Minute Read
25 Jul, 2014

MPs urge crackdown, saying registrars should be given powers to stop sham weddings 'mid-vow'

The Mole
03 Jul, 2014

Outrage at file’s disappearance: it would have ‘rocked the Commons’ if action had been taken, says the Mail

London's Old Bailey
In Depth
12 Jun, 2014

'Core' of terror trial will be secret, but media and public will have access to most proceedings

Police are addressed by a senior officer
One-Minute Read
16 May, 2014

Federation chairman says he was 'ridiculed and verbally attacked' for trying to implement change

The Mole
14 Apr, 2014

Former Deputy Speaker believes we need statute of limitations – and anonymity for those accused

08 Aug, 2013

Home Secretary accused of cover-up after removing 15 passages from a critical inspection

31 May, 2013

Pressure on Google and Microsoft to clamp down after April Jones case highlights porn link to attacks