Keith Vaz

Anonymous man

Sex crime suspects 'should stay anonymous until charged'

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Fri 20 Mar, AT 10:25

Police investigation of pop star Cliff Richard shows how leaks can irreparably damage those who may be innocent

Arnis Zalkalns

Alice Gross: why Zalkalns would have faced murder charge

Tue 27 Jan, AT 12:48

Evidence linking Arnis Zalkalns to the death of 14-year-old Alice Gross revealed by Scotland Yard

UK passport

Passport delay victims should be compensated, say MPs

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Tue 16 Sep, AT 10:20

Inquiry slams passport office for 'summer of chaos' and for making profits on passport applications

Newlyweds pose for a picture after their wedding ceremony

Sham marriages rising at an 'alarming rate', warn MPs

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Fri 25 Jul, AT 14:10

MPs urge crackdown, saying registrars should be given powers to stop sham weddings 'mid-vow'

The Mole

Missing paedophile dossier: MPs expected to call Brittan to explain

Thu 3 Jul, AT 11:28
The Mole

Outrage at file’s disappearance: it would have ‘rocked the Commons’ if action had been taken, says the Mail

London's Old Bailey

Secret trial blocked by Court of Appeal

Thu 12 Jun, AT 10:38

'Core' of terror trial will be secret, but media and public will have access to most proceedings

Police are addressed by a senior officer

Bullying at Police Federation 'rivals any soap opera', say MPs

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Fri 16 May, AT 09:56

Federation chairman says he was 'ridiculed and verbally attacked' for trying to implement change

The Mole

'Sexminster' victim Nigel Evans urges abuse case time limit

Mon 14 Apr, AT 10:10
The Mole

Former Deputy Speaker believes we need statute of limitations – and anonymity for those accused

What is Theresa May hiding in censored borders report?

First Reaction
Thu 8 Aug, AT 10:52

Home Secretary accused of cover-up after removing 15 passages from a critical inspection

Bridger case: Search engines urged to block porn sites

Talking Point
Fri 31 May, AT 10:10

Pressure on Google and Microsoft to clamp down after April Jones case highlights porn link to attacks