Ken Clarke

British Prime Minister David Cameron
17 Jul, 2014

David Cameron wants to curb the European Court of Human Rights but not everyone in his party backs the plan

Michael Gove leaves Downing St after losing job as Eductation Secretary
15 Jul, 2014

Cull of 'pale, male and stale' Tories makes room for women in largest reshuffle to date

The Mole
10 Jul, 2014

It may have cross-party support, but first-tracking measures on eve of MPs' holidays is controversial

Ken Clarke
13 Jan, 2014

Former justice secretary says those who believe EU responsible for 'waves of migration' are 'deluded'

13 Jan, 2014

As 95 Tories demand the right to veto EU rules, Clarke says immigrants make Britain 'healthier'

George Osborne Autumn Statement speech
05 Dec, 2013

HMRC to rake in £9bn from tax evaders, while school leavers won't be able to go on the dole

18 Jun, 2013

Senior Tory says that if Britain left the EU, it would not benefit from US deal unveiled at Lough Erne

16 May, 2013

Bill to guarantee referendum gets three-line whip: how will the Cabinet's last europhile deal with it?

03 May, 2013

Buoyed by election success, Nigel Farage says 'reverse takeover' of Tory party is on cards

30 Apr, 2013

Cigar-smoking leader wins praise as his party comes under scrutiny ahead of Thursday's local elections