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Alan Henning

Alan Henning: from Salford taxi driver to Islamic State hostage

Mon 15 Sep, AT 10:45

Jihadists threaten to behead a second British aid worker, who travelled to Syria to help refugees

Tevez playing for Juventus in Serie A

Did Carlos Tevez pay ransom to free kidnapped stepfather?

One-Minute Read
Wed 30 Jul, AT 08:49

Reports in Argentina say striker paid gangsters £29,000 for release of Juan Alberto Cabral

Sinai desert gangs torture victims with fire for ransom

Mon 26 Nov, AT 13:55

'My body is burning,' Eritrean torture victim tells Radio 4 Today after desert kidnapping

Rand Paul 'kidnap victim' tries to explain story

Thu 12 Aug, AT 13:40

Woman at centre of Republican controversy says she wasn't kidnapped 'in a legal sense' - but she was tied up

Akila Naqqash holds up a picture of her son Sahil Saeed

Sahil Saeed: three arrests in Spain, ransom recovered

Wed 17 Mar, AT 15:44

Two Pakistanis and Romanian arrested in Spain after receiving ransom money

Peter Moore

Hostage Peter Moore has to defend torture claims

Tue 16 Mar, AT 13:32

Iraqi Shia group says IT man lied to the Times about being abused in captivity

Peter Moore

Peter Moore: Iran did not kidnap me

Fri 12 Mar, AT 12:03

The British IT consultant held for three years by Shia militants has given his first interview