Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom: five reasons why Internet Party might succeed

Thu 27 Mar, AT 16:48

Megaupload founder launches political party ahead of New Zealand's general election in September

Kim Dotcom to launch party to fight New Zealand election

One-Minute Read
Mon 2 Sep, AT 16:04

Megaupload founder vows party will 'lead NZ into the future', but PM says it's a stunt

Kim Dotcom

Is Kim Dotcom's new site Mega a triumph for privacy or piracy?

First Reaction
Sun 20 Jan, AT 14:30

MegaUpload founder's cloud storage website gets US prosecutors in a 'tizzy'

Kim Dotcom's latest wheeze: free broadband for all Kiwis

One-Minute Read
Mon 5 Nov, AT 10:53

Internet entrepreneur plans cable across the Pacific - and aims to pay for it by suing US government

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom launches Mega: bigger, faster, more legal

One-Minute Read
Thu 1 Nov, AT 12:08

Brash internet entrepreneur hopes to shift blame for any piracy on to users of new filesharing site

Cambodia arrests Pirate Bay co-founder: is US involved?

First Post
Mon 3 Sep, AT 11:07

Sweden wants to extradite Gottfrid Svartholm Warg for copyright offences - but did America intervene?

New Zealand police 'scared of Kim Dotcom's stomach'

One-Minute Read
Tue 14 Aug, AT 15:20

Megaupload founder had allegedly used his stomach in an assault – so police asked elite unit to join raid

Will Demonoid return and will its closure affect file-sharing?

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Wed 8 Aug, AT 15:44

Popular file-sharing site Demonoid is shut down by authorities but some are hopeful of its return

Will Megaupload judge's exit change outcome of Dotcom trial?

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Wed 18 Jul, AT 14:53

Judge in extradition case steps down over joke to copyright conference suggesting the US is 'the enemy'