Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un gives fitness advice to staff at his local gym

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Mon 10 Sep, AT 15:05

Rotund supreme leader offers 'expert guidance' but critics say he should be helping malnourished North Koreans

Kim Jong-un's mystery purge explained: reform is on its way

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Fri 20 Jul, AT 15:43

North Korean dictator apparently sacked military bigwig so he can implement free-market economic reform

Kim Jong-un removes general in North Korea army 'purge'

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Mon 16 Jul, AT 10:43

Kim Jong-un has removed his own mentor from all duties because of 'illness', but analysts believe it is a power grab

Kim Jong-un: pizza, chips and uranium bombs for North Korea

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Tue 3 Jul, AT 11:15

Mixed messages as supreme leader relaxes rules but continues to pursue nuclear arsenal

Kim Jong-un

North Korea's failed rocket launch humiliates Kim Jong-un

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Fri 13 Apr, AT 09:20

Damp squib provokes international condemnation and domestic embarrassment for young leader

Bears weep for Kim Jong-il as North Korea marks his birthday

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Thu 16 Feb, AT 14:07

Great Successor Kim Jong-un leads tributes to Dear Leader who would have been 70 today

Punishment for lack of tears at Kim Jong-il funeral

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Fri 13 Jan, AT 14:51

Labour-training camp sentences handed out to North Koreans who did not cry convincingly

Kim Jong-il: the women raising questions on eve of his funeral

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Fri 23 Dec, AT 09:52

Speculation over identity of woman photographed at North Korean leader's coffin – is she his daughter?

Lakes crack and mountains glow as nature mourns Kim

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Thu 22 Dec, AT 13:09

State news agency claims that the natural world is grieving for Dear Leader

Dead body of Kim Jong-il lies in state

Kim didn't die on his train, says South Korean spy chief

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Wed 21 Dec, AT 10:35

Private armoured train was stationary in Pyongpang – but why would N Korea seek to massage the truth?