Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-un
10 Sep, 2012

Rotund supreme leader offers 'expert guidance' but critics say he should be helping malnourished North Koreans

20 Jul, 2012

North Korean dictator apparently sacked military bigwig so he can implement free-market economic reform

16 Jul, 2012

Kim Jong-un has removed his own mentor from all duties because of 'illness', but analysts believe it is a power grab

03 Jul, 2012

Mixed messages as supreme leader relaxes rules but continues to pursue nuclear arsenal

Kim Jong-un
13 Apr, 2012

Damp squib provokes international condemnation and domestic embarrassment for young leader

13 Jan, 2012

Labour-training camp sentences handed out to North Koreans who did not cry convincingly

23 Dec, 2011

Speculation over identity of woman photographed at North Korean leader's coffin – is she his daughter?

22 Dec, 2011

State news agency claims that the natural world is grieving for Dear Leader

Dead body of Kim Jong-il lies in state
21 Dec, 2011

Private armoured train was stationary in Pyongpang – but why would N Korea seek to massage the truth?

20 Dec, 2011

When the late Dear Leader had a stroke three years ago, only a French neurosurgeon would do