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12m Brits now own tablets and cite news as big attraction

Wed 16 Jan, AT 08:55

By March, more than third of Britons will own a tablet computer, according to YouGov survey

Google’s Android claims victory over Apple at Christmas

Wed 2 Jan, AT 09:30

Three-quarters of smartphones sold over festive period featured Android operating system

Txtr beagle: will the no-thrills £8 ebook be a Kindle killer?

One-Minute Read
Thu 11 Oct, AT 14:31

Germans set to shake up e-book market with cheapest and lightest e-reader ever seen

Apple's mini iPad marks the end of the Steve Jobs era

Talking Point
Thu 4 Oct, AT 15:00

Apple's control of tablet market is under threat as rivals force its hand

Nexus 7

Nexus 7 tablet not an iPad killer but Amazon should watch out

First Reaction
Thu 28 Jun, AT 11:09

Google launches Nexus 7 with a 'killer price tag' to rival Kindle Fire in the tablet market

Amazon and Apple set for tablet war next spring

One-Minute Read
Tue 22 Nov, AT 12:28

New versions of the Kindle Fire and iPad could launch at the same time

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire undercuts iPad and burns Google

Thu 29 Sep, AT 12:06

Talking Point: Buy a Fire - as long as you don't mind Amazon knowing everything about you

Amazon launches cheap and cheerful Kindle Fire

Wed 28 Sep, AT 17:00

Amazon’s new tablet is no iPad – but it’s really cheap

blackberry playbook

Kindle Fire launches – but you should wait for v2

Tue 27 Sep, AT 16:48

Amazon has rushed its new colour tablet, say bloggers. Wait for the second generation version