Labour party

Jeremy Corbyn
30 Jul, 2015

One-time 100-1 outsider is favourite to win Labour leadership election as Unison backs left-winger

07 May, 2015

Conservatives strongly outperform expectations, according to exit poll, and Lib Dems could make up the numbers

Labour's pink van
11 Feb, 2015

Twitter brands Labour campaign 'patronising', but Harriet Harman insists bus is magenta not pink

05 Jan, 2015

Labour leader urges activists to make face-to-face contact in four months leading up to election

Labour leader Ed Miliband
13 Nov, 2014

Labour leader comes out fighting, saying he has 'mettle' to tackle 'vested forces' in 'zero-zero' economy

08 May, 2015

Conservatives win 'shock' Commons majority as Ed Miliband stands down as Labour leader

The Mole
24 Sep, 2014

Neither Cameron in New York nor Miliband in Manchester enjoy great ‘prime ministerial’ days

Don Brind
24 Sep, 2014

The private polling conducted before a leader’s speech is as critical as the opinion polling afterwards

24 Sep, 2014

Already lawyers and bankers are taking over London neighbourhoods: this will make it easier for them