Labour party

Flags outside European Parliament
22 May, 2014

Upcoming vote will give people a chance to make their feelings clear about the EU and immigration

The Mole
13 May, 2014

Two polls show a sudden drop in Labour support just as Obama's election guru flies into town

08 May, 2014

Telegraph blogger goes ballistic over Labour’s new party political spoof. Does he have a point?

Co-op Bank
24 Apr, 2014

Party says decision to part company with troubled Co-operative Bank is a purely commercial decision

The Mole
24 Apr, 2014

Tory spin-doctors go straight into action as Labour seeks advice in US on countering press smears

Don Brind
25 Mar, 2014

The savings and pensions Budget went down well - but was it the game-changer Osborne needed?

Ed Miliband
24 Mar, 2014

Where's the vision, ask think tanks? Where's the response to scrapping of annuities, ask MPs?

12 Mar, 2014

It might have been a lot easier if he'd just said: vote Labour and you won't get a referendum

28 Feb, 2014

Former health secretary sorry after call to lower age of consent and legalise incest in 1976

25 Feb, 2014

PM is trying to placate his angry right-wing – and also tempt voters who prefer single-party government