Labour party

04 Feb, 2014

Did Labour sources leak the internal report which claims Unite manipulated the candidate selection?

17 Jan, 2014

Miliband wants to end the dominance of the banking giants but critics have said his strategy will backfire

15 Jan, 2014

Government pressed to use its 81% stake in RBS to block bonuses of up to twice the size of salaries

14 Jan, 2014

If Alastair Campbell is right, the 2015 election looks set to produce a Labour/Lib Dem coalition

Don Brind
06 Jan, 2014

Ashcroft says Tories can win an outright majority only if everyone prepared to vote for them does so

Denis Macshane
23 Dec, 2013

Judge tells former Labour minister the £13,000 claims represent a "flagrant breach of trust"

21 Nov, 2013

Ed Miliband suffers humiliation as Cameron exploits Co-op bank scandal and 'Balls a nightmare' emails

13 Nov, 2013

Ed Miliband put on the spot by party elders: Straw's mea culpa comes as Blunkett issues Roma warning

Don Brind
12 Nov, 2013

Labour leader's personal ratings also improve - but the key issue is the collapse of the Lib Dems

Ed Miliband
05 Nov, 2013

Labour leader attacks payday lenders as 'one of the worst symbols of the cost of living crisis'