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HS2 vote: PM faces Tory rebels but Miliband has real headache

Thu 31 Oct, AT 11:03
The Mole

'Battle for control' between Miliband and Balls as Labour goes into today's vote still dithering

HS2: Value to economy has fallen, says report

One-Minute Read
Tue 29 Oct, AT 14:15

Latest business case for £50bn rail link concedes benefit-cost ratio has fallen

Labour says Dunfermline win highlights SNP 'obsessions'

One-Minute Read
Fri 25 Oct, AT 09:19

Comfortable by-election victory shows SNP is too focused on independence referendum, says Labour

Nicola Sturgeon

Scottish independence: will there be a second referendum?

One-Minute Read
Fri 22 May, AT 08:54

After the SNP's crushing election victory, Scottish independence is back on the political agenda

Don Brind

Ed Miliband winning battle for public opinion after Mail attack

Mon 7 Oct, AT 08:38
Don Brind

A timely reminder that newspaper readers don’t always share their paper’s political bias

Ed Miliband and the problems of being Ralph’s heir apparent

Thu 3 Oct, AT 08:10
Coline Covington

Does Ed’s victory over his brother have a bearing on his fight to defend his father’s reputation?

Ralph Miliband row: Labour wants apology for Mail 'error'

Talking Point
Wed 2 Oct, AT 09:52

Tabloid admits it was wrong to use photo of grave but renews attack on 'man who hated Britain'

Libor scandal pay-out by ICAP is 'embarrassment' for Tories

First Reaction
Thu 26 Sep, AT 11:25

Labour demands Tories return £4.8m donations from Michael Spencer whose firm is embroiled in scandal


Ed Miliband - from Wallace to Stalin in just seven days

Thu 26 Sep, AT 10:54
The Mole

Right-wing press goes to town on 'Red Ed' Miliband - just as Osborne asks Brussels to allow bankers bigger bonuses


Miliband's 1m homes: how on earth can he push it through?

Tue 24 Sep, AT 11:03
The Mole

Labour leader wants to create more affordable housing - but he risks infuriating Middle England