Labour party

Don Brind
12 Nov, 2013

Labour leader's personal ratings also improve - but the key issue is the collapse of the Lib Dems

Ed Miliband
05 Nov, 2013

Labour leader attacks payday lenders as 'one of the worst symbols of the cost of living crisis'

31 Oct, 2013

'Battle for control' between Miliband and Balls as Labour goes into today's vote still dithering

29 Oct, 2013

Latest business case for £50bn rail link concedes benefit-cost ratio has fallen

25 Oct, 2013

Comfortable by-election victory shows SNP is too focused on independence referendum, says Labour

Don Brind
07 Oct, 2013

A timely reminder that newspaper readers don’t always share their paper’s political bias

03 Oct, 2013

Does Ed’s victory over his brother have a bearing on his fight to defend his father’s reputation?

02 Oct, 2013

Tabloid admits it was wrong to use photo of grave but renews attack on 'man who hated Britain'

26 Sep, 2013

Labour demands Tories return £4.8m donations from Michael Spencer whose firm is embroiled in scandal

26 Sep, 2013

Right-wing press goes to town on 'Red Ed' Miliband - just as Osborne asks Brussels to allow bankers bigger bonuses