Labour party

02 Aug, 2013

Veteran Labour MP is not alone in his worries that Ed Miliband cannot bring the party victory in 2015 election

23 Jul, 2013

Same poll also shows many Unite members are far further to the right than lefty leader Len McCluskey

16 Jul, 2013

Good day for David Cameron as Conservatives draw level with Labour and support for UKIP plummets

15 Jul, 2013

Keogh Report will show that Stafford scandal was not a one-off; Jeremy Hunt to take emergency action

03 Jul, 2013

Former minister says politicians should not be afraid to turn their backs on high-speed rail link as costs soar

24 Jun, 2013

Clever politics by the chancellor leaves Labour's two Eds in a bind over spending cuts

David Cameron outside Leveson inquiry
21 May, 2013

The email David Cameron sent to Conservative Party activists on Monday in the wake of 'Swivelgate'

Gay marriage
21 May, 2013

Labour proposal saves same-sex marriage bill but Tory opponents vow to continue fight in Lords

16 May, 2013

Research shows older women are airbrushed off our TV screens - while baggy-looking men thrive

03 May, 2013

Nigel Farage's party comes second in South Shields by-election and looks set to win 100 council seats