Don Brind

Labour on course for victory: two polls spoil PM’s New Year

Mon 6 Jan, AT 09:47 Don Brind

Ashcroft says Tories can win an outright majority only if everyone prepared to vote for them does so


Flowers inquiry aims to dig dirt on Co-op's 'soft loans' to Labour

Thu 21 Nov, AT 10:47 The Mole

Ed Miliband suffers humiliation as Cameron exploits Co-op bank scandal and 'Balls a nightmare' emails


Jack Straw confesses: Labour 'messed up' on EU immigration

Wed 13 Nov, AT 09:50 The Mole

Ed Miliband put on the spot by party elders: Straw's mea culpa comes as Blunkett issues Roma warning

Don Brind

Labour storm ahead in polls as Miliband sets political agenda

Tue 12 Nov, AT 10:38 Don Brind

Labour leader's personal ratings also improve - but the key issue is the collapse of the Lib Dems

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband: Wonga economy creating 'quiet crisis' for many

One-Minute Read Tue 5 Nov, AT 15:11

Labour leader attacks payday lenders as 'one of the worst symbols of the cost of living crisis'

Labour says Dunfermline win highlights SNP 'obsessions'

One-Minute Read Fri 25 Oct, AT 09:19

Comfortable by-election victory shows SNP is too focused on independence referendum, says Labour

Don Brind

Ed Miliband winning battle for public opinion after Mail attack

Mon 7 Oct, AT 08:38 Don Brind

A timely reminder that newspaper readers don’t always share their paper’s political bias

Ed Miliband and the problems of being Ralph’s heir apparent

Thu 3 Oct, AT 08:10 Coline Covington

Does Ed’s victory over his brother have a bearing on his fight to defend his father’s reputation?


Ed Balls: 'I never knew McBride was up to no good'. WHAT?

Mon 23 Sep, AT 10:34 The Mole

Shadow chancellor refuses to join the 'I told Gordon to fire Damian' brigade - and uses the S-word to boot


Miliband's Lazarus moment: suddenly, everyone loves Ed

Thu 19 Sep, AT 11:15 The Mole

A 'brave and adroit' leader who 'turned the course of history' by standing firm against attack on Syria