Poll misery: can anything lift Ed Miliband off his political sickbed?

Thu 12 Sep, AT 10:39 The Mole

Two new polls show that Ed Miliband is a drag on Labour's chances of winning the 2015 election

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband vs unions: what does the Labour leader want?

Briefing Tue 10 Sep, AT 15:32

Miliband's reforms could cost Labour millions of pounds but he is determined to push them through

Ed Miliband

Is Ed Miliband bold enough to take on the unions and win?

Talking Point Tue 10 Sep, AT 09:48

Labour leader has backed himself into a corner, say columnists, but perhaps he has a plan up his sleeve

George Osborne declares victory for his economic policy

One-Minute Read Mon 9 Sep, AT 09:18

Chancellor to tell critics the UK economy is 'turning a corner' but Labour dismisses claims

Miliband urged to pledge in/out EU referendum under Labour

Fri 23 Aug, AT 11:43 The Mole

Senior colleagues say a referendum is in national interest – and very much in Ed’s interest, too

Ed Miliband Labour leader

Labour's Brian Wilson latest to take a swing at Ed Miliband

Summary Thu 22 Aug, AT 09:22

Labour heavyweights continue to raise concerns about the party's failure to get its message across

Unite poll suggests Ed Miliband's funding reform plan IS suicidal

Tue 23 Jul, AT 11:19 The Mole

Same poll also shows many Unite members are far further to the right than lefty leader Len McCluskey

Tories and Labour neck and neck as UKIP vote evaporates

One-Minute Read Tue 16 Jul, AT 11:44

Good day for David Cameron as Conservatives draw level with Labour and support for UKIP plummets

13,000 'needless' NHS hospital deaths exposed in killer report

Briefing Mon 15 Jul, AT 14:56

Keogh Report will show that Stafford scandal was not a one-off; Jeremy Hunt to take emergency action

Mandelson warns HS2 could be an 'expensive mistake'

One-Minute Read Wed 3 Jul, AT 11:14

Former minister says politicians should not be afraid to turn their backs on high-speed rail link as costs soar