Mandelson warns HS2 could be an 'expensive mistake'

One-Minute Read Wed 3 Jul, AT 11:14

Former minister says politicians should not be afraid to turn their backs on high-speed rail link as costs soar

Osborne's 'sham' spending review leaves Labour floundering

Mon 24 Jun, AT 10:03 The Mole

Clever politics by the chancellor leaves Labour's two Eds in a bind over spending cuts

David Cameron outside Leveson inquiry

Cameron's personal note to Tory activists: full text

First Post Tue 21 May, AT 10:09

The email David Cameron sent to Conservative Party activists on Monday in the wake of 'Swivelgate'

Gay marriage

MPs to approve gay marriage bill after Tory revolt fails

One-Minute Read Tue 21 May, AT 09:52

Labour proposal saves same-sex marriage bill but Tory opponents vow to continue fight in Lords

UKIP 'clowns' enjoy last laugh as voters show their support

First Reaction Fri 3 May, AT 08:51

Nigel Farage's party comes second in South Shields by-election and looks set to win 100 council seats


Watershed day as parties stick together on immigration

Mon 25 Mar, AT 11:40 The Mole

UKIP's second place at Eastleigh is having a knock-on effect as Lib Dems and Labour swallow old objections

George Osborne left red-faced after Budget leak blunder

First Reaction Wed 20 Mar, AT 15:41

Journalist suspended and investigation demanded after Standard spills extraordinary sneak preview of Budget

Cable and Clegg on the spot as Labour force mansion tax vote

Mon 11 Mar, AT 10:25 The Mole

If Lib Dems vote against the Labour motion, they'll be accused of their biggest U-turn since student fees

Comedy writer John O'Farrell is Labour's man in Eastleigh

First Reaction Wed 13 Feb, AT 10:54

Known for his quips, the 50-year-old is serious about his chances in Chris Huhne's former seat

Chris Huhne

Chris Huhne pleads guilty over speeding lie and quits as MP

First Reaction Mon 4 Feb, AT 13:22

Will Eastleigh by-election lead to an ‘almighty bust-up’ for Tories and Liberal Democrats?