Angry Labour MPs want Brown to go

News Mon 1 Jun, AT 10:37

The Mole: A vote of no confidence from the PLP is on the cards, says our Westminster insider

David Cameron

A guide to Westminster reform ideas

News Tue 26 May, AT 09:37

In the wake of the expenses scandal, ideas for Parliamentary reform are coming thick and fast

Alan Johnson

Johnson seizes Labour initiative

News Mon 25 May, AT 09:55

Generally shy of promoting himself as an alternative Labour leader, Alan Johnson takes a tentative step forward

Murdoch leaves PM swinging in wind

News Wed 20 May, AT 11:45

The Mole: Meanwhile Gordon Brown writes to Labour Party members apologising for the MPs’ behaviour, says our Westminster insider

Chief Whip Nick Brown seeks ‘show trials’ for fiddling Labour MPs

News Tue 19 May, AT 10:10

The Mole: Nick Brown wants to de-select three greedy MPs. But now we learn he has a greed problem himself, says our Westminster insider

Gordon Brown

Shahid Malik steps down and Mr Plod gets closer

News Fri 15 May, AT 10:21

The Mole: Calls for the police to investigate expenses fiddlers are becoming irresistible, says our Westminster insider