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Why Gordon Brown wants vote reform

Wed 10 Jun, AT 11:46

The Mole: Plans for a new electoral system are not an idle distraction – they are deadly serious, explains our Westminster insider

Shahid Malik; Labour; MP; expenses row

Shahid Malik back in spotlight

Wed 10 Jun, AT 08:48

The junior minister makes the Daily Telegraph front page yet again with reports that he has claimed for two offices

Gordon Brown

What they’re saying about: Labour’s crisis

Tue 9 Jun, AT 17:04

Alan Johnson WAS the better choice

Tue 9 Jun, AT 09:06

The Mole: A poll shows that Alan Johnson as leader would increase Labour’s chances, reports our Westminster insider


Why the working class dumped Labour and voted BNP

Mon 8 Jun, AT 18:09

The middle class hijack of Labour has led it to become liberal on immigration and law and order: issues the working class care about the most