Why the working class dumped Labour and voted BNP

Mon 8 Jun, AT 18:09

The middle class hijack of Labour has led it to become liberal on immigration and law and order: issues the working class care about the most

Gordon Brown

Brown is now a hostage to his cabinet

Fri 5 Jun, AT 16:10

The Mole: Gordon Brown is safe for now – at the expense of the sweeping Cabinet reshuffle he had hoped to announce

James Purnell, the lone assassin

Fri 5 Jun, AT 09:09

The Mole: By urging Gordon Brown to go, James Purnell has made the results of yesterday’s polls virtually irrelevant, says our Westminster insider

Labour rebels are wasting their time: Brown is sure to go

Wed 3 Jun, AT 16:40

The Mole: Rebel MPs are said to be circulating an email to drum up support for a leadership challenge, but Brown will go anyway

Blears exit could spell end for Brown

Wed 3 Jun, AT 11:58

The Mole: The Prime Minister may be mortally wounded by resignation of Cabinet minister tainted by expense scandal