Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga performs onstage during the 87th Annual Academy Awards

Oscars 2015: best and worst moments of the Academy Awards

First Reaction
Mon 23 Feb, AT 11:10

Sharon Stone's vagina, Lady Gaga's favourite things and 'racist' jokes made it a memorable night at the Oscars

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga ‘ban lifted’: who says she was ever banned in China?

Wed 22 Jan, AT 11:34
Gary Jones

It couldn’t be easier to buy a knock-off CD or download her music, says our new Shanghai columnist

Lady Gaga ARTPOP cover

ARTFLOP: Why Lady Gaga feels 'betrayed' over album release

One-Minute Read
Wed 8 Jan, AT 11:07

Singer says cash-hungry inner-circle betrayed her during launch of disappointing fourth album

Lady Gaga dumps Troy Carter days before ARTPOP launch

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Wed 6 Nov, AT 12:00

Split with manager follows mixed reviews of new album and 'deeply strange' performance at YouTube Awards

Aide sues Lady Gaga over 7,000 hours of 'unpaid overtime'

One-Minute Read
Wed 11 Sep, AT 12:20

Jennifer O'Neill says she had to sleep in same bed as star and was woken up to change a DVD

Lady Gaga sneak peek: Who's new track 'Swine' about?

Thu 29 Aug, AT 16:06

'You're just a pig inside' sings Gaga in new online footage of her rehearsal for London gig

Lady Gaga fashion

Fifty Shades: EL James tops Lady Gaga on celebrity rich list

Tue 27 Aug, AT 16:56

But it was the Queen of Pop Madonna who earned the most in the last year, according to Forbes

Miley Cyrus 'violates' US with 'Twerking' display - video

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Tue 27 Aug, AT 12:25

Singer sets new benchmark for outrage with video awards performance described as 'hyper-sexualised'

Miss World dumps bikinis over fears they will offend Muslims

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Thu 6 Jun, AT 14:35

Beauty pageant tries to appease Islamic groups in Indonesia by getting contestants to cover up