Lady Gaga

Mumford & Sons

Spotify boosts Mumford & Sons past Justin Bieber

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Thu 4 Oct, AT 15:42

London folk rockers shift more than 600,000 copies of second album in a week to set 2012 US sales record


Facebook begins purge of zombie accounts and fake likes

One-Minute Read
Thu 27 Sep, AT 15:34

Social networking site takes radical steps to make itself more atractive to advertisers

Rihanna tweets good luck to Chris Brown before court hearing

The Tabloids
Tue 25 Sep, AT 13:36

Tabloid tales: Rihanna tells Brown 'I'm praying for you', Gaga slams Pope, Victoria's Secret's racist underwear

Adele to design plus-size range for Burberry?

The Tabloids
Thu 20 Sep, AT 12:27

Tabloid tales: Adele's 'voluptuous' Burberry line, Kelly Osbourne thinks Gaga is pregnant, cat to be mayor

Tulisa wants to play Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey

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Fri 14 Sep, AT 12:52

Tabloid tales: Tulisa makes bid for film role, Lady Gaga loves PG Tips, Newsroom star accidentally tweets topless pic

Doctor Who actor banned from dating sexy sidekicks

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Thu 16 Aug, AT 11:59

Tabloids Tales: Writer gives Matt Smith his orders; model 'slipped out of my mouth' says strongman

Lady Gaga: 'I have sex on the beach when no one's around'

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Thu 9 Aug, AT 13:17

Tabloid tales: Gaga dances topless when we're not looking, plus Katie Holmes 'hired confidence coach'

Fifty Shades: Tulisa takes credit for popularity of S&M romance

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Mon 6 Aug, AT 11:21

Tabloid tales: Tulisa wants a dominating guy; Elton John calls Madonna a 'fairground stripper'