Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

Drugs still widespread in cycling, says report

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Mon 9 Mar, AT 09:50

One cycling professional claims that 90% of the peloton continues to take performance-enhancing drugs

Lance Armstrong loses $10m lawsuit

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Tue 17 Feb, AT 10:05

Self-confessed drugs cheat Lance Armstrong had sued sponsor that failed to pay him Tour de France bonus

Lance Armstrong and Anna Hansen

Lance Armstrong 'let girlfriend take blame' for car crash

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Wed 4 Feb, AT 11:13

Shamed cyclist's partner lied to police and said she was behind wheel in December accident

Lance Armstrong: I would 'do it again' and I want my titles back

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Tue 27 Jan, AT 09:56

Shamed cyclist says he would 'probably' still take drugs if he was racing in the 1990s, but not in 2015

Sheryl Crow saw Armstrong blood transfusion, says book

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Fri 11 Oct, AT 08:55

Disgraced cyclist had transfusion on private jet in front of girlfriend, claim authors

Dai Greene competes in the London Olympics

Doping scandal looms over world's top athletes

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Wed 7 Aug, AT 11:27

With the Moscow championships about to start, a warning that athletics are as drug-riddled as cycling used to be

Sex and politics: what has Mrs Weiner learned from Hillary?

Wed 24 Jul, AT 15:55
Charles Laurence

Should we feel sorry for Huma Abedin, wife of sex-obsessed Anthony Weiner? Or is ambition getting the better of her?

Lance Armstrong

Armstrong says US government turned blind eye to doping

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Wed 24 Jul, AT 12:24

Drugs cheat says sponsorship lawsuit should be dropped as backers 'got what they wanted'

Chris Froome wins Tour but stays in Wiggins' shadow

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Mon 22 Jul, AT 12:53

It might be the drug insinuations or his Kenyan background, but Britain has not yet embraced its new Tour de France champion