Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong
24 Jul, 2013

Drugs cheat says sponsorship lawsuit should be dropped as backers 'got what they wanted'

22 Jul, 2013

It might be the drug insinuations or his Kenyan background, but Britain has not yet embraced its new Tour de France champion

22 Jul, 2013

'This is one yellow jersey that will stand the test of time,' Froome tells those who question how he did it

16 Jul, 2013

He should be celebrating the ride of his life; instead the Tour leader is facing unfair doping questions

15 Jul, 2013

Spectacular win on slopes of Mont Ventoux leads to more questions for British rider

11 Jul, 2013

British sprint star is attacked and jeered by fans during time-trial after crash on Tuesday

07 Feb, 2013

A damning report identifying widespread drug use among athletes triggers Aussie soul-searching

01 Feb, 2013

Cats that look like One Direction, Lance Armstrong re-edited, and the man who caught a 100ft wave

Lance Armstrong
31 Jan, 2013

Shamed American goes from 'penitent confessor to scapegoat', claiming the sport has never been clean

29 Jan, 2013

Cycling's governing body announces a 'truth and reconciliation' process, but won't say when