Soldiers Falklands

Argentina: 'UK should remove troops from Falkland Islands'

One-Minute Read Wed 29 Oct, AT 12:41

'Absolutely no chance of another invasion from the mainland,' claims special secretary for the Falklands

Argentine President Fernandez demands return of Falklands

First Reaction Thu 3 Jan, AT 10:09

Fernandez's flagging popularity at home is thought to be behind her open letter to David Cameron

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Argentina and Falkland Islanders face off at United Nations

First Post Fri 15 Jun, AT 12:00

Argentine President Kirchner calls UK rule of Falklands ‘an affront’ as islanders’ offer of direct talks is ignored

Falkland Islands

Falklands: Argentina threatens oil firms with criminal charges

One-Minute Read Fri 27 Apr, AT 08:57

Ultimatum comes as Borders & Southern are said to have made 'significant' gas discovery

Give Falklands to Argentina, says Pink Floyd star Waters

One-Minute Read Wed 29 Feb, AT 11:16

Rock star wades into Falklands controversy as Buenos Aires calls for ban on UK imports

Cristina Kirchner de Fernandez

Argentina complains to UN over UK's 'militarisation' of Falklands

One-Minute Read Wed 8 Feb, AT 09:21

HMS Dauntless and Prince William pose a 'grave danger' - but Kirchner rules out military action

Stanley in the Falkland Islands

Falklands row: war of words - or could it get heavier?

Talking Point Thu 19 Jan, AT 11:56

Britain and Argentina are just sabre-rattling, but if oil was discovered, things could get serious

Falklands: are we ready for the latest threat from S America?

Wed 23 Nov, AT 07:31 Crispin Black

As the 30th anniversary of the conflict approaches, we must prepare for a new Argentina-Brazil double act