Laurie Penny

WikiLeaks's Assange warns the internet may enslave us all

First Reaction
Tue 27 Nov, AT 13:16

A new book by the digital world's most famous whistleblower says we're heading into a near future where the net will be used to control us

Videos show Laurie Penny and 'dinosaur' Starkey in full rant

Mon 25 Jun, AT 14:45

'I will not be lectured to by you' says TV historian, jabbing his finger at the radical blogger

David Starkey historian

Why Laurie Penny called David Starkey 'racist' - and what came next

One-Minute Read
Sun 24 Jun, AT 15:04

Radical journalist got into furious row with TV historian after 'foothills of the Punjab' remarks

All in a day's work for a female blogger: rape threats

Sunday Papers
Sun 6 Nov, AT 11:56

From the Sunday papers: Internet trolls cross the line with vile sexual abuse of women writers

London protests

Life’s a riot: welcome to the Laurie Penny show

Tue 29 Mar, AT 08:37

New Statesman blogger comes under fire for her reporting of the weekend’s events in London