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Leicester car park

Painting of Richard III displayed in the London's The National Portrait Gallery

King Richard III's violent end revealed by scientists

One-Minute Read
Wed 17 Sep, AT 13:50

Team of researchers discover that King Richard III sustained 11 wounds, nine of them to the skull

Skeleton in car park is King Richard III, scientists say

First Reaction
Mon 4 Feb, AT 12:01

Extensive tests confirm bones found in Leicester car park belong to last English king killed in battle

Should Richard III get a state funeral? And if so, where?

Talking Point
Thu 13 Sep, AT 15:35

It is time to re-evaluate Shakespeare's greatest villain, the last true 'English' king

Have Richard III's bones been found in a Leicester car park?

One-Minute Read
Wed 12 Sep, AT 14:57

Excavation uncovers human remains thought to belong to the 15th century king