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Leon Panetta

Bloodbath in the Algerian desert: what was kidnapping all about?

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Thu 17 Jan, AT 14:20

Six questions answered about the hostage crisis and the al-Qaeda-linked Islamists behind the siege

Obama's new team: three top US jobs could go to women

One-Minute Read
Thu 29 Nov, AT 12:27

Susan Rice heads the list of three strong female candidates for top jobs in President's second term

Who's who in the top-brass sex scandal gripping America

Wed 14 Nov, AT 16:18

A writer, a socialite and thousands of emails have unseated a CIA director and now threaten an army general

MI6 British Intelligence Agency

UK unhappy after underwear bomb spy exposed as British

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Fri 11 May, AT 07:29

Involvement of British spy in operation that led to an assassination is potentially embarrassing

Obama’s inner circle

Thu 8 Jan, AT 00:00

Old faces from the Bush and Clinton years rub shoulders with newcomers in Obama's team