Leonardo DiCaprio

19 Jun, 2015

From The Wolf of Wall Street and The Interview to Ryan Gosling's Oscar-nominated role in Half Nelson

New York, People's Climate March
22 Sep, 2014

Protesters including politicians and celebrities warn climate change is 'biggest threat humanity has faced'

Tulisa Contostavlos
21 Jul, 2014

Jurors at Tulisa's trial have been told there were 'strong grounds' to believe Sun reporter Mazher Mahmood 'lied' in court

 A young boy asleep in his father's lap
12 May, 2014

New technique could be used to help people with PTSD who have recurring nightmares, say scientists

Leonardo Di Caprio and Jonah Hill
27 Jan, 2014

Wolf of Wall Street star surprises host Hill, before the bromantic pair recreate iconic 'I'm flying' scene

16 Jan, 2014

Scorsese's provocative satire about disgraced stockbroker Jordan Belfort divides critics

17 May, 2013

It's the Gatsby film, Gatsby himself would have made, glitzy - infuriating, and hard to resist

15 May, 2013

Nigel Horne on the parallels between Baz Luhrmann's reviews and the reception for Jack Clayton's 1974 film

18 Jan, 2013

Brilliant, brutal Spaghetti Western homage, with a terrific comedy double-act in Waltz and Foxx

13 Dec, 2012

'Unwholesome, deplorable – delicious!' Pulp Fiction director makes brilliant comeback with slave movie