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Leonardo DiCaprio

Titanic - Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio

Cameron's dazzling Titanic 3D revamp confirms its epic power

Hot Ticket
Thu 5 Apr, AT 07:38

It's long and melodramatic, but the Winslet and DiCaprio romance can still stagger and thrill

Big Brother Brian sues ITV2 for 'stealing' Towie idea

The Tabloids
Wed 28 Mar, AT 14:17

Red top tales: BB winner Belo says Essex show was his idea, 3D nude scene 'terrible' for Kate

baz luhrmann great gatsby 3d

Baz Luhrmann to shoot The Great Gatsby in 3D

Tue 22 Feb, AT 12:38

Moulin Rouge director shows typical restraint in his plans for F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel

Vladimir Putin tags tigers

Putin calls DiCaprio ‘real man’ after plane free-fall

Wed 24 Nov, AT 19:49

Vladimir Putin fetes Leonardo DiCaprio for completing nightmare flight to St Petersburg

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio set to play 19th century serial killer

Wed 3 Nov, AT 13:41

Story of Dr H H Holmes and his Chicago ‘murder hotel’ set for big screen

Only a dream? Nolan’s Inception is heady stuff

Thu 15 Jul, AT 15:48

Film of the Week: Why dark and thrilling Inception is this summer’s ‘brainy blockbuster’